Crossfit Training refers to an exercise program that aims to increase the agility, speed, coordination, balance and reaction time of an individual or group of athletes. Agility is a concept concerned with improving a person's body control, flexibility and reaction speed. These workouts aim to direct the body quickly and effectively through a series of different movements.


By having a challenging mechanism inside, the strength training products' aim is to help users with their muscle building journey. With these products, users can enjoy exercising outdoors while working on their muscle building.


Cardio training products are designed for those who want to work out in order to burn fat and stay fit while exercising outdoors. Intensity of the workouts can be determined by the user's age and skills.


With Multi-sports training products, our aim is to help users to improve in their muscle building journey. The products which are comprised of many workout options are a great opportunity for those who want to exercise outdoors and socialise with others.


Senior Fitness products help users to prevent the gradual decline in the basic movement skills of those who want to stay fit mentally and physically. With seniors in mind, the products are designed which means the possible movements on a daily basis are taken into account. Senior fitness products offer an outdoor workout while helping users to be fit mentally and physically.