Adventure Knows No Bounds!

CMR Xtreme offers experiences that push the limits of adrenaline and courage. It takes people out of their routine and transports them into a world of excitement. CMR XTREME offers those who want to go beyond the ordinary the chance to run towards adrenaline and freedom.

Unforgettable memories for those who want to experience adventure at its peak...


Adventure and Rope Course provide a great opportunity to test your courage and physical skills. These playgrounds allow you to overcome your fear of heights as well as improve your skills such as balance, coordination and strength.

The game of those who dance with adrenaline in the rhythm of their hearts!

Street Sports

Popularity of street sports increase every passing, while a skate part has become more of a solution than a need for better fun and safety and a professional solution. The most popular spot of the city will be the site you designate for us for lovers of skating, skateboarding, scooter and BMX sports.

Pleasant moments are waiting for you in our Waterparks!


Waterpark products offer a great opportunity for those who want to cool down, have fun and learn. While you enjoy the cool waters on hot summer days, it also supports social interaction, solidarity and creativity. Waterpark playground equipment is an entertainment center where both children and adults can create unforgettable memories.