Cities are hour home…

The entire CMR URBAN series tells the stories of the past and the hopes for the future... Every touch becomes a moment of peace, where memories are gathered and you can catch the rhythm of life. We create a corner for memories, where you can listen to the heartbeat of the city and spend time with your loved ones.


“Broto” means bud in Portuguese. The main goal of Broto Series, whose design lines are inspired by a bud sprout, is to create an aesthetic form that envelops the wood like a box by abstracting a sprout with simple and minimal lines. To this end, this group of products has been designed to create innovative and ergonomic areas of use.


Bermuda Series takes its name from the Bermuda Triangle. The triangle is used as the main shape in the construction of the products in the series. By creating elegant details with thin and long woods, the aim is to complete the construction form that combines flowing with soft transitions.


Delta series, named after the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet "Delta", has a self-supporting structure thanks to its zig-zag shape formed by the combination of triangles, as its name suggests. This form is designed to increase the durability of the products in the series and to facilitate the production of the woods used in the series. The simple and reproducible shape of the Delta range makes it possible to create different combinations.


In the Zebra Series, on the pipes which determine the product lines, a form is created with striped woods that create usage area. The perception created with the woods that continue along the form is made to stand out with the name "Zebra" and while the woods that create the usage area are shaped according to the form; the form of the series is designed with the aim of ergonomic use. While designing the series, market requirements and different usage scenarios were taken into consideration with the woods used and the angles determined, resulting in products with a continuous curved construction.


Piet Series is a series of urban equipment with the aim of creating products using only sheet metal and pipes. While the pipes form the central part in all products, the outer frames are covered with sheet metal and the pipes and sheet metal parts support each other. This creates a hollow structure and gives the products dynamic lines. When the pipes are placed, they are particularly spaced apart, creating a more spacious structure that breaks the perception of a closed box.


71 Series started its life as an urban equipment that designed for use in marinas in response to a market need. The dynamic and modern lines of yachts inspired the design idea. Thus, designs with minimal, modern lines and finishes that make a difference in the market met reality.


Boomerang Series is a series of concrete urban equipment with a design idea that follows each other as 2 different modules. With this series, we aimed to create a product family which allows users to meet in a common area and creates a space of socialization for groups. The three modules we've designed can be multiplied according to needs and conditions. In this way, it can be used in different combinations in according to the area to be created.


Modular Series , as the name suggests is the urban equipment series that can be combined with each other. The main purpose of this design work is to create communal areas and to utilise the spaces created by functionalising cubic forms. This series allows different combinations in accordance with the landscape in the desired area, thus providing diversity.


9040 Series is a bench design that aims to break the common perception of concrete as bulky and heavy. The most distinctive feature of this series is that by using thin sections of the concrete material, which is normally used in thick sections, carries finer, lighter and modern lines contrary to the usual perception of concrete. The product is named after its sections starting from 90 mm and going down to 40 mm.


Atlas Series is a range of functional amorphous surfaces that bring the cross section of nature to the product family with the use of concrete in 2 different styles. In the series; amorphous surfaces are used as ergonomic surfaces that change the perception of the concrete material chosen. Considering the structural integrity, the cross-sectional image has been determined as the design line for the linguistic unity of the product family, and this design line, which is carried over to all the products of the series, has been used in some products by prioritising minimalism instead of functionality.


Edge Series, provides an integrity with today’s modern architectural structure, with its appearance and hard sharps edges, while it’s surfaces look like facet cuts to provide light breaks. The most critical point of the series is that all products can be produced by bending a single piece of sheet metal.


The Bend Series embodies the dynamic, fast and sharp aspects of city life, at the same time aims to bring people closer together who are far apart in urban life, thanks to its inverted backrest design. The most critical point of the series is that all products are made by bending a single piece of sheet metal.


3D Concrete Printers produce customizable furniture designs that are impossible to create using traditional techniques.