"Who protect nature, protect their future."

In today's world, sustainability and environmental consciousness are of great importance for the future of our planet. We face various environmental challenges such as increasing carbon emissions, ecosystem degradation, and climate change. As Cemer, we develope solutions based on sustainability principles to address these challenges and to leave a more livable world for our children.

What do We do for a Sustainable Future?

We Contribute to the Environment with Renewable Energy

We are aware of our responsibility for a sustainable planet. On this path we set out for the future of our children, we carry out solar energy conversion fast and effectively and also produce ecological product series in order to offer them a more livable environment and life.

Solar Panels

Most of the energy sources used today are fossil fuels that produce waste that is harmful to nature. However, solar energy is the cleanest energy source that does not cause environmental pollution and does not harm nature.

We added new ones to our solar energy facility with a clean environmental policy. Thanks to our solar panels, we produce 1,700,000 kWh of energy annually, saving 50% energy and also contribute to leaving a cleaner world for future generations by preventing 700 tons of carbon emissions annually.

While we continue our CARBON FOOTPRINT studies without slowing down, we also continue to work on the precautions to be taken in production, with the awareness of our responsibility as Cemer for a sustainable world and our future generation.

823,28 Tons of
823,28 Tons of

Standard Coal Saving

977,65 Tons of
977,65 Tons of

Prevented CO2 Emissions

1340 Number of
1340 Number of

Recovered Trees

Building the future is in our hands, our responsibility is great!

Ecological Product Series

Use of recycled materials has a significant impact on sustainability. Our playground series AGTS & AGWS produced from recyclable materials such as composite and polyethylene and our urban equipment obtained with our 3D concrete printer set an example for other companies in the sector in terms of sustainability and recycling, while also being a great way to teach environmental awareness to our children.

Acting with the principle of sustainability and environmental awareness is an important responsibility for our future. We continue our work in our production facilities with the awareness of this responsibility and make an effort to provide a livable environment and life for our children.

Recycled Materials We Use

We increased our carbon emission reduction efforts by using recycled raw materials. Our main goal is to secure the future of our children by creating playgrounds and urban equipment that do not harm the environment.

Did You See Our Sustainable Materials?

By using recycled materials, we minimize our energy and water consumption; we protect natural resources.