Discover the Rhythm of Nature with Outdoor Sports!

With its modern and dynamic style, CMR ACTIVE invites you to live a healthy life, offering a space that is ready to become the most valuable corner of the city, with every detail meticulously designed to provide a healthy lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Every moment you spend here will be special and meaningful. We invite you to a healthy future with CMR ACTIVE.

Being fit is not a goal, it is a lifestyle.


Baroque Fitness Series offers new functions. In this way, you can shape your body in the most correct way while discovering the peace that comes with exercising outdoors. Exercising outdoors is a natural way to get the movement your body needs, regardless of age. Exercising outdoors regularly helps weight control and also increases your energy levels.

X- Ergonom Fitness Series increases the pleasure of sports with ergonomics.


X-Ergonom Fitness is a series of outdoor sports equipment designed to motivate its users and encourage a healthy lifestyle. These series offers new functions that allow you to experience the benefits of exercising outdoors. Thus, you can shape your body in the most correct way while discovering the freedom that comes with exercising outdoors. These products aim to make every workout more comfortable and accurate by combining comfort and efficiency while doing sports.

Every Move Together, Victory Forever!


While team sports can sometimes include very simple games, these games can also turn into a strategic intelligence ones. Cemer Team Sports has the concept of exploring the benefits of sports through socialization. This concept, which includes many games, not only helps individuals achieve their physical development, but also empowers friendship and collaboration. Cemer Team Sports, which appeal to all age groups, are designed in different sizes and create perfect solutions for your space.