It is time to try something different to get you put of the house and getting some exercise. High rope courses may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ways to get some exercise, but it could be just the activity you are looking for. Your body will get a full workout, and your mind will thank you for it too.


Make of ultra-durable epoxy technology and textured surface easy to grasp firmly.Perfect shapes and sizes designed for users, easy and comfortable to hold.Suitable for indoor and outdoor, make a great addition to climbing walls and playgrounds.


Recently becoming more and more popular in our country, zip-lining is the activity of sliding down by your own weight and effect of gravity on a steel line connecting a high point and a low point, using a safety harness. Accelerating on a wheel block connected to a steel line, the zip-line can reach speeds up to 75 km per hour. This speed is directly correlated with the incline of the zip-line. A spring brake system or automatic brake system allow the user to come to a stop at the end of the line.


Free fall sections can be located in rope tracks or can be found alone in a separate area. Adventure areas can be created integrated with a tower, which can also be used for climbing wall, giant enterprise and Zip Line units.