The Astero climbing is a large polygonal climbing unit consisting of two polyethylene body components and a metal fitting. Astero units can be differentiated by positioning multiple blocks on top of each other or side by side, furthermore, net bridges can be added as passage. It helps children socialize while having fun and play together. While the climbing experience, which gradually becomes difficult thanks to the different elevations created by the units, contributes to the development of their physical skills, it is aimed that children create and play their own games in the areas formed within the modules.


Luna is a modular climbing unit that consists of three polyethylene components forming large volume modules. While he gaps on the two main components give children a challenging climbing experience, the different parts can be placed in the third component and many combinations can be created.


Deltoik climbing is an innovative climbing product consisting of two main body parts made of polyethylene and two complementary connection parts assembled together. Deltoik is a Reddot Design Award Winner design with 3d modularity. Smaller or larger products can be crated using the same components and combined with tunnel passages or slides, countless combinations are possible.


Gimlet climbing is a modular product range designed to improve the climbing skills of children with two forms, wavy and straight. Numerous combinations can be created by combining the elements vertically and horizontally. Thanks to its challenging form, it improves the balance and coordination of children as well as their spatial awareness.


Bouldering wall is a natural looking accessory product inspired by the rocks. Thanks to its indented zigzag shaped form and handles that provide hand-foot support; it provides children with a dynamic climbing experience. The rock climbing wall also enables different game alternatives to be created thanks to its easy adaptability with slides and ropes.


Arc climbing is a modular climbing unit designed to improve children's balance skills. The polyethylene module allows the creation of labyrinth-like versions with different looks by assembling them from the beginning and end points of the curved block with the help of horizontal pipes. It creates a challenging climbing experience for children to stand still on the spring climbing modules, which are expected to develop their gross motor skills.


Tungsten climbing is looking like a rock climbing equipment. This climbing toy consists of 4 main parts and thus has a modular structure. The pieces are designed to be used both independently and alone, and also give a chance to binary combinations. Thus, it creates the opportunity to offer different alternatives for the field and needs.